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Professional Services

Cyberis Group Professional Services is a division providing highly qualified legal professionals to law firms and companies. By partnering with the two largest and most prominent legal staffing companies in the US, Cyberis Group offers over 750,000 legal professionals globally and its capabilities to provide law firms and companies with highly experienced legal professional in all areas of expertise including cyber security and technology professionals is unique and unparalleled unlike no other. The legal professionals in this division undergo careful screening and clients may select from a wide field of expertise who are certified in Cyber Security.

Consulting Services

Cyberis Group Consulting Services is a division providing highly quailed Certified Cyber Security group of legal professionals exclusively dedicated to a client to address any cyber security threat or breach. The dedicated group of professionals are uniquely apprised with all aspect of the company 24/7 and allow them to proactively perform immediate ad hoc action to prevent further breach within the company.

Executive Management Cyber Training

Cyberis Executive Management Cyber Training is a division providing highly qualified professionals to a company’s management team or board of directors and provide the proper guidelines and directives to both management and board of directors in order to craft policies and procedures, compliance and corporate governance directives to be in compliance with Federal and Securities regulations.